BAMBuild A Machine is a 3 Piece Reggae/Rock band with a heavy influence on vocal harmony currently based out of Huntington Beach, CA. Armed with a new outlook and sense for adventure, the reinvigorated and refocused group originally from Boston set out to record a new record in the mystical Joshua Tree desert in California.

The band chose to self-produce the tracks, trading expensive studio time for a short term desert rental where they set up shop to begin the recording process. Singer and Guitarist Mike Serra explains,

“We had worked with enough producers and engineers where we felt we knew a good amount about the recording process to give this one a try ourselves. The Joshua Tree proved to have a big impact on the band. Being completely free from the everyday distractions of life, the group explored many musical landscapes through improvisational jamming and freestyle singing, without any boundaries.”  “We wanted to give the music the time and attention it deserved, so being out there was a no brainer really. We all had a desire to live together and create this new music in a relaxed environment which would help benefit the creative process. It was almost like we were just the middlemen to this powerful energy flowing through us in the desert. It was a magical moment” says vocalist/bass player Thomas McCarthy.

Inspired by the atmosphere, the group chose to record all of the music live in the studio together – an experience that drummer Tyler Saraca would describe as “really rewarding, but also quite challenging to get right”.

With songs ranging from powerful and energetic to psychedelic and laid back, Build A Machine creates many different moods for people of all walks of life to enjoy.

Who is BAM?


Mike Serra: Vocals and Guitar. Follow him on Twitter @MikeSerraSays. Follow him on Instagram @MikeSerra

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Tom McCarthy: Vocals and Bass. Follow him on Twitter @thom_mccarthy. Follow him on Instagram @T_M_A_C


Tyler Saraca: Drums and Percussion. Follow him on Twitter @tybeats_. Follow him on Instagram @tybeats